Danish Design 2 in 1 Ultimate Orange Dot Removable Padding Lightweight Dog/Puppy Coat 22 Inch 55 cm


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Unleash the style with Danish Design Collection 2023! With 40+ years of legacy, we create pet products that seamlessly blend comfort, durability, and Scandi-inspired design. Our range goes beyond just functionality - it's about making your pet's corner a charming part of your home decor. Crafted with the finest materials, our beds offer a snug haven for your furry friend.

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Where it Started

Born in 1981, Danish Design is a family’s vision, fuelled by Danish roots, to treat pets like family. Our core belief: pets deserve comfort, quality, and a touch of Scandinavian style.

Where we Are

Still family-run, Danish Design is now a global name, resonating our core values worldwide. Our dedication to crafting superior pet products hasn't wavered, and it never will.

Where we're Going

Our journey continues with humble ambition. We strive to innovate, always focused on enhancing pet comfort, and caring for our planet. Our core beliefs guide us towards a brighter future.

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  • Dog Coat 2 In 1 Orange Dot 22"
  • orange
  • 10DD59(22)
  • Danish Designs