BRITA Flow XXL Maxtra PRO Water Filter Jug Tank 8.2L Large Fridge Dispenser XL

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  • Ideal for families or offices: perfect for fridge shelf or countertops with convenient tap and sliding lid for easy refilling and cleaning (BPA-free and dishwasher-safe except digital indicator)
  • 150 litres of fresh filtered water in 4 weeks from just one cartridge - digital Lifetime Indicator BRITA Memo measures time to remind on filter exchange
  • Trust the innovative MAXTRA PRO 4-stage filtration with natural activated carbon and ion-exchanger pearls: pure and fresh water, full aroma in your coffee and tea and reliable limescale protection
  • Filters impurities such as certain herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals, reduces taste-impairing chlorine, limescale and metals like lead and copper
  • Improved filter performance: BRITA's new innovative micro-mesh reduces microparticles ≥ 30 μm 4x better than our previous BRITA MAXTRA+ filter cartridge - ideal for older pipework
  • Good for you, good for the environment: helps to save hundreds of plastic bottles with a carbon footprint up to 25x smaller than bottled water and is always available just a tap away
  • Practical and sustainable packaging: easy opening, less packaging waste and extra safety during delivery in the BRITA Smart Box; Sustainability is not a fad for us: we have been recycling our cartridges since 1992
  • Full capacity of 82L for 52L fresh filtered water
  • BRITA provides sustainable drinking water solutions and is the world's No 1 for drinking water filters German Quality and Design - since 1966
  • Included: 1x water filter XXL tank BRITA Flow, 1x MAXTRA PRO ALL-IN-1 filter cartridge