Russell Hobbs 20920 Fiesta Crepe and Pancake Maker - Electric Non Stick Hot Plate with Variable Temperatures and Utensils Included, Black


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Modern life is so busy that we rarely stop to appreciate things. Nobody has any time anymore. We’re in a social era, but we don’t meet up. Life just goes on at too quick a speed. As a brand, we’re just trying to remind people to slow down, and appreciate the moment more. Whether it’s a moment to celebrate or not, something big or small, every day or once a year, it’s about going round and getting the kettle on, getting together for a brunch, or even just taking a second to reflect. The easy way to make pancakes and crepes The Russell Hobbs Crepe Maker, with its easy to operate heating system and non-stick 30cm plate, is easy to master and helps you to create crepes that are ready to top and eat. Top with fruit and yogurt at breakfast time, with cheese and ham for a lunchtime snack, or bring it out at a dinner party and personalise your crepes to the taste of your individual guests. Power on and temperature ready indicator light Batter Spreader & Spatula Included Non-stick coating Power on and temperature ready indicator light Batter Spreader & Spatula Included Non-stick coating Product features 30cm Cooking Plate Making generously sized crepes for any occasion. The Russell Hobbs Pancake and Crepe Maker also has a lip around the edge to stop batter dripping onto your worktop Adjustable Thermostat Get the heat just right to avoid burned or raw bits. Because the plate is the same temperature all over, pancakes are cooked more evenly than in a frying pan Utensils included With a spreader to help you achieve an even size and shape. When the batter sets, you simply use the spatula provided to check that it's cooked underneath, then turn it over Specification Because you can make sweet or savoury pancakes, they're loved by nearly everyone so this is one appliance that will be getting plenty of use. Beautifully designed for a single-minded purpose crepes will be more perfect than ones made in a frying pan. A crepe maker will bring a smile to everyone's face - it's perfect for making breakfast pancakes, dinner party desserts or delicious savoury snacks, any time, any day. • 30cm diameter • Adjustable thermostat • Non-stick coating • Tools included • Power on and temperature ready indicator light • 1200W