Westland Multi Purpose Peat Free Compost with John Innes 10L


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Multi-Purpose Compost with John Innes Peat Free

Westland Multi-Purpose with John Innes is a peat free compost developed specially to help plants at every life stage for a stronger, healthier life. It is enriched with our revolutionary new peat alternative, BIO3 which has been engineered to outperform all peat based blends. BIO3 helps to boost plant growth and to also promote roots and shoots.

Use to plant up seedlings, flowers, fruit and veg as well as containers and baskets. Not suitable for ericaceous plants.

Key Benefits

Perfect for all life stages of plants

Stronger plant development

More flowers and more vibrancy

Longer plant life

Peat free

Perfect for all life stages of plants

Stronger plant development

More flowers and more vibrancy

Longer plant life

Peat free

Why use?

Support plants through every life stage - germination, establishment, healthy growth and ongoing vitality.

Includes loam for perfect nutrient and moisture retention

Sand and grit for excellent drainage

Enriched with BIO3 for boosting plant growth

Use all around the garden for seedlings, flowers, fruit and veg and containers and baskets

What is BIO3?

Westland BIO3 is a revolutionary new peat alternative to out perform all peat based blends.

How does it work?

1. The natural nutrient rich fibre locks on to the root as it grows and ensures fast, effective transfer of nutrients and moisture into the plant.

2. Creates the optimum structure and air spaces in the compost to deliver the very best root growth.

3. Stores moisture and nutrients for longer and releases when required.




How to use

Seedlings - Fill pot with compost. Water and allow to drain. Make hole in compost. Holding seedling gently by the leaves, transfer to the new pot. Press compost firmly around seedling.

Cuttings - Cut & remove non flowering 10cm shoot. Trim to leave top 2 pairs of leaves. Dip in rooting gel. Insert firmly into compost, water & place in poly bag in warm spot away from direct sunlight.

Potting - Thoroughly water plant, gently tap pot to remove, shake off loose compost. Place plant in new pot with new compost, fill gaps & firm down & water.

Planting out - Dig a hole twice depth & dia. of root ball. Place plant in hole with new compost, fill & firm down & water.

Top Tip

If plants appear pale or leaves yellow ensure you feed with Boost All Purpose Plant Food. Specially formulated for use with peat reduced, peat free & ericaceous composts.

  • Outstanding performance
  • With added John Innes
  • Perfect for all life stages of plants
  • Peat Free